Omüti is a line of aromatherapy products to simplify holistic health for the modern go-getter, keeping it real with health info you want to hear


Om: ॐ A sound that represents the source of the universe in Hindu and Buddhist religions. It is chanted to sync your body to the frequency of all that exists

Muti: The slang form of the Zulu word 'umuthi' meaning medicine or tree, referring to natural plant medicines used by indigenous traditional healers in South Africa

Omüti unites energy and plant therapies to create Good Earth Vibes


Omüti Aromatherapy works in three ways:
  1.  The physical properties of the plant-based essential oils stimulate your body's cells to work more efficiently for specific healing purposes.
  2. When the vibrational frequency of concentrated plant oils interacts with your sense of smell, it stimulates your nervous system to help you handle your emotions to take control of your mental health.
  3. Each bottle contains a piece of earth: a Jade bead. This green semi-precious stone has been used since ancient times for its metaphysical and spiritual properties of healing and protection. Your Omüti is infused with these Good Earth Vibes. After you run out, use your Jade bead as jewelry, or tie anywhere good vibes are needed.

Who Makes It?